Jim Auld
Housing Consultant

3 Levels of Service


On-Site inspections with
verbal & written report


On-Call customized consultation during a project


Design, develop and coordinate construction activities

Jim Auld is an Expert Professional Inspector, Estimator, Builder and Real Estate Administrator. His creative and practical approach to housing fundamentals will help you learn the skills you need to be a smart homeowner and effective steward of one of your most valuable assets. Drawing from over 35 years of experience, he will guide you through the process of acquiring, maintaining and preserving your home, rental property or commercial building.

As thehouseMentor, Jim educates you on the basics of a building's features so you clearly see its strengths, limitations and realistic potential for improvement. He teaches you how to effectively work with designers, building professionals, realtors, trades people and financial advisors as you purchase, remodel and improve your home. This ensures that your time and resources are well-spent, setting you on your way to making your dreams a reality.