Buying a house is the biggest investment most people make. Taking care of that house is another big investment. Jim Auld has worked with us for more than 30 years to keep our investment safe and comfortable. His simple three-step approach, locating problems through careful inspection, reporting to us what he has found, and then coordinating and supervising the workers needed to solve the problems, is simple and efficient. I highly recommend Jim as a House Mentor to anyone looking for assistance in taking care of his or her property.

DP - Shoreline, WA

Facing the situation of restoring a family home that had undergone 30 years of deferred maintenance was truly a daunting prospect. Where does one begin and what is actually worth doing to recover value? Jim was invaluable in guiding me through the restoration malaise, identifying fundamental needs and developing an ongoing plan that was sensitive both to my timeframe and budget. We revamped the premises top to bottom, replacing plumbing, electrical wiring, remodeling kitchen and bath, building decks and stairwells; refinishing floors, walls, woodwork, replacing windows; a total makeover. In this process I found Jim's knowledge essential to my ability to make sound decisions. His business acumen at recognizing work/dollar value was a constant beacon. At no time did I feel ignored or pressured but rather always like I had options and that he would be there for me whichever way I decided to go. This was an amazingly positive experience especially considering the magnitude of the project. The outcome has been the emergence of a previously undiscovered gem, our home. Thank you Jim.

JP - Seattle, WA

The House Mentor has been a wonderful resource for us. His years in the housing industry as a contractor, homeowner/builder, and landlord give him an enormous knowledge base grounded in experience. We know Jim can help us deal with any housing related issue from remodeling a bathroom to determining energy efficient modifications to buying a house. For those projects we have wanted to do ourselves Jim helped guide us through the steps involved and for bigger projects he helped us figure out what expertise we needed and how to go about hiring the contractor. By breaking a project down into reasonable steps at reasonable cost we don't get overwhelmed by the process or the expense. Jim works as our advocate helping us to navigate in unfamiliar territory and his positive and reassuring manner encourages us to keep moving forward.

P.H. Ellensburg, WA

If you have a home project you’ve been putting off, meet with the House Mentor and get a good overview of how to go about accomplishing it, from site preparation to handling contractors to cost estimates, and even if and how you might do it yourself. The House Mentor’s inside knowledge as a longtime former contractor will serve you well, and save you time and money. He did for us.

Carole & Karl Neice, Seattle, WA

I have a little 1940's era house that always needs something, and as a single woman I have overpaid in the past for poor quality work done by strangers out of the phone book. During the rebuilding of my deck the project had stalled for an extra season because I just wasn't sure how to finish the trickier parts. I have known Jim and his wife for years, and finally called him to take a look at it. He knows what he's doing, and explained things every step of the way. The entire experience was excellent. He provided reassuring advice. It was such a relief to work with Jim. I wish I had called him sooner!

Tina Hokanson, Everett, WA

Having lost the partner who took responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of our home and yard, I have learned to count on Jim Auld to bring his experience, knowledge and thoughtfulness to my aid in decisions that I have neither the background nor the confidence to make on my own. Jim has helped me by identifying what is needed and finding and supervising effective and reasonably priced service providers to resolve my problems, including replacing my roof and heating system, renewing my floors, and bringing my yard back to its best. He listens carefully to my concerns, and his confidence in analyzing each situation and in the people he works with always relieves me of the worries I bring to him. His services for me have been invaluable.

Julie Hungar, Lake Forest Park, WA