Reasons To Hire thehouseMentor

Homeowner Conversation Checklist

  • The 5 most important systems of your house
  • How to manage a remodeling project when numerous trades are involved
  • Remodeling Survival: Why do projects fail? How do projects succeed?
  • How to interpret a Home Inspection report
  • Safety & Maintenance Inspections are the basis of your house's future
  • Insurance Matters: Nobody wants to ask these 'what if' questions
  • Boring, On-Going Maintenance vs. Sexy Capital Improvements. Guess who wins?
  • The un-glamorous parts of your house usually reveal the most serious problems
  • The Final Frontier of your house: The Attic!
  • What you need to know about ramps, grab bars and Universal Access Design
  • Getting your house ready for retirement by anticipating the changes that are coming
  • Do I need a Building Permit? How much will it cost and how much trouble is it?